21 May 2008

The original Scottish Highland Liqueur

The original Scottish Highland Liqueur. In the summer of 1995 we moved the manufacture and sales operation from the Island of Mull to our visitor centre in Bankfoot, Perthshire. The success of Columba Cream Liqueur stimulated the company into producing new, original liqueurs, ideal for today's tastes. Research and development over the period of a year led to the creation of Scottish Highland Liqueur, now rebranded as Bruadar, an amber coloured liqueur which perfectly complements Columba Cream. One of the key ingredients of Bruadar is carefully prepared sloeberries; enough to balance out the sweetness of the honey but not so many as to impart bitterness. The connoisseur will appreciate the maturation of the liqueur in the bottle. Once the bottle is opened, over a period of months the sweetness of the honey is rounded off and the taste of the sloes comes to the fore.

"Bruadar" is Gaelic for "dream" - discover the dream!

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